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Sunday 11 AM

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The world we live in is very different from the one experienced by Jesus and His followers. Yet in some ways, things haven’t changed that much. Life brings hurts, wounds and disappointments. People still wrestle with feelings of shame and self-worth. Technology brought us closer together while increasing the barriers to finding true friends. We post things to get more likes, while wondering how many people love us when we step away from the keyboard.

The church of the New Testament experienced miracles, healings, deliverance and a demonstration of the Holy Spirit daily. More importantly, they experienced these things together. There was an underlying unity and love for each other that brought them together into a world-changing force. Acts 2:42 says that the believers committed themselves to the doctrine of the Apostles, to community and to prayer. We believe committing ourselves to these same core principles will lead to the same unity, the same fellowship, the same miracles and the same Spirit-led life they experienced.
2.42 Church is a Book of Acts church for today!


2.42  Church Experience

11AM Sunday
expect to find it
Happy People
expect to meet them
expect to hear it
expect to receive it
a place of belonging
a place of becoming
a place of growing
a place of devotion
a personal experience
Fresh Start
second, third, even fourth chance
be more and do more
something bigger than all of us



  • We try to keep it simple like the first church.
  • We believe in turning away from sin
  • We believe in baptizing in the name of Jesus
  • We believe in a personal, dynamic infilling of Holy Spirit
  • We believe that Jesus is the visible revelation of the eternal Spirit
  • We believe that Jesus is coming again


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2.42 Church 

415 Perry Hill Road
Montgomery, AL 36109
Email: questions@242church.us
Phone: (334) 676-1456
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 231623
Montgomery, AL 36123


A Spirit filled, Spirit led church for Montgomery. We are Apostolic in doctrine and Pentecostal in experience. We are a multi-generational and multi-racial church.
Sunday 11 AM